From the Fans

"I've seen Kyle perform in multiple situations: individually, with a group, in nursing homes, and working with the youth in our schools.  No matter the age, he always gives 100% in all that he does.  Kyle knows his audience and tries to make it a fun experience for all by taking requests and adding trivia about the music he plays.  Kyle's love of music is apparent in every performance. He is a talented musician that works tirelessly to bring the joy of music to our community."

 - Christi F.

"We hired Kyle for an event we held in April. I had seen Kyle previously at a couple of his shows and felt he would be perfect for the event. He was great to deal with and was very accommodating to our wishes. He played a wide variety of music from 60's, 70's and 80's and even took request as well. He was very interactive with the audience as well. The performance was great he's a talented musician and plays a good variety of songs that I haven't heard a lot of other local artists play. I would definitely recommend him to someone looking for great live entertainment for their event. Everyone at the event really seemed to enjoy his performance."

 - Daniel B.

"Kyle McArdell is a very talented musician and singer. He plays a wide variety of music for all types of crowds to enjoy. He also plays with a larger band for bigger events. You won't be sorry if you book Kyle for your event. We love booking him to play live music at the Country Club of Terre Haute. Very high energy and crowd engagement!!"

 - Christa P.

"A band can play for 3-4 hrs with different people and instruments to combine for a wide range of music. However doing this as an individual in a solo act is very difficult. Kyle’s versatility with a guitar, his personality and his love of music come together for an enjoyable musical experience.  A wide variety of audiences from young and old enjoy the gamut of his song choices. Kyle has a wide vocal range as well. You’ll be in the room with everyone from Buddy Holly to Billy Joel. As Kyle likes to say “songs you love to hear played live…but never do."

 - Melanie and Greg C.

"Traveled out to the 36 Saloon in Rockville Indiana on June 16th to check out Kyle McArdell's acoustic show. Kyle puts on a first rate professional show. He is very personable and injects that personality and style into his broad catalogue of covers making his show MUCH more entertaining than your typical cover band. If you haven't taken the time to check him out, you owe it to yourself to go to one of his shows!"

 - Chris S.

"Kyle McArdell delivers a fun, upbeat, and captivating performance that showcases his soulful voice and skillful guitar playing. His setlist, stage presence, and connection with the audience creates an engaging atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression. Watching him perform will liven your spirits and make you want to watch him again!"

 - Lauren L.

"Kyle McArdell has both a young spirit and an "old soul" that allows him to perform music that crosses generations.  Audiences of all ages will find themselves singing along!"

 - Kathi and Dave E.

"Kyle is a great singer, entertainer, guitar and keyboard player with an awesome variety of songs he performs at his shows. He keeps your attention and engages the audience. Truly a class act!"

 - Billy G.

"If you haven't seen Kyle perform, you should!! He does a great job whether alone or with his band The McArdell Express. We always enjoy listening to him and his music! He also takes requests for your favorite songs! I hardly miss dancing to any song he plays!! Looking forward to his next performance."

 - Brenda and John H.

"Whether it's just Kyle or the full band, Kyle's performance is top-notch - providing music that entertains multiple generations. As for the Dance Studio, everything Kyle plays is great for the dance floor. I've hired Kyle for multiple performances, and I look forward to having him at our next dance event!"

 - Brandon H.

"Kyle McArdell is a talented musician who loves to put on a good show for the crowd. Patrons will appreciate the variety of Kyle's playlist, have fun requesting songs, and answering his music trivia. Kyle enjoys his audiences and performing music that they want to hear."

 - Abbie H.

"Looking for a night of FUN? Go listen to Kyle McArdell at one of his Venue's he plays at! We saw him at Rick's Garage in Idle Creek and Maggie and Moe's Coffee in a beautiful outdoor setting! Such a talented guy who plays the guitar and sings songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's!! My kind of music!!"

 - Nancie V.

"I have been able to listen to Kyle as a soloist a few times and he is very entertaining. The songs and the music genre are great, and Kyle is very good with being interactive with the audience and making you feel like you are part of the show, I highly recommend seeing him!"

 - Mike C.

"Kyle McArdell - Choir Teacher, Solo Performer, and leader of the band "The McArdell Express" is a Multitalented Musician/Vocalist with an extensive & sometimes eclectic repertoire covering songs from the 1950s to the 2000s. He encourages his audience to participate in Music Trivia, and his Professional yet Approachable demeanor ensures a Good Time will be had by all."

 - Joy D.

"Kyle truly is a young man with an "old soul." He plays music by Billy Joel, The Steve Miller Band, Johnny Cash, and Simon and Garfunkel to name just a few. These are artists my generation grew up with and love. His performances are fun, lively, and interactive. I have seen him play at several venues for several hours at a time, and plan to see him again!"

 - Marcia O.

"I love listening to Kyle sing and perform. I have seen him at multiple venues and loved every one. Kyle engages with the crowd and sings an array of genres which really make his performances great for the whole matter how old or how young. Can't wait to hear him again!"

 - Leslie P.

"We went to Kyle's performance and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. He sang songs we could sing along with and tap our toes. Kyle has a set up that compliments his voice very well. He is easily approached for requests and is happy to fulfill them. Kyle's singing is easy on the ears."

 - RWM

"We love Kyle's sound and the wide range of playlist choices!! We’ve heard Kyle a number of times and always have enjoyed ourselves!!"

 - Dave and Lana T.

"I would like to thank Kyle McArdell for a great time. The music has never disappointed us at Peddle Park. We will be looking forward to seeing and hearing him again."

 - Mary C.

"I saw Kyle perform at the annual 1st Congregational Strawberry Festival this year. He played for two hours, and I greatly enjoyed his smooth vocals and beautiful guitar playing. I didn’t request any songs, but Kyle played several folk/rock songs that I love from the 70’s/80’s. Kyle is a natural musician that captivates his audience, I plan to see him play again soon. Go hear Kyle perform... he is so talented!"

 - Patty E.

"Kyle McArdell is an amazing performer/musician. Whether playing alone or with The McArdell Express, he will put on a great show with a large range and variety of music. He's the perfect entertainer, always including his audiences. He's a very family-friendly singer as well. You can choose to sit and watch or get up and dance; but either way, you will enjoy your evening of live music. Support local musicians!!! 🤩"

 - Andrea R.

"We love coming to Kyle’s performances! He is a very impressive and talented guitar player and singer, plays a variety of classic songs, and is great at engaging his audience."

 - Amy L.

"I've seen Kyle McArdell perform at Charlie’s Pub n Grub, the Terre Haute Brewing Company, and the Dawgleg now known as Rick's Garage. He has played from around 30 minutes to 3 hours and is easy to listen to, whether you’re focused on the performance or if it’s part of the atmosphere, the performance is enjoyable. Kyle interacts with the crowd, making the performance a real experience for everyone in attendance. I plan to see him again in the future!"

 - Kelly R.

"Kyle McArdell stands out as a cover musician in many ways, most notably his ability to relate to his audience and entertain by performing a variety of songs across several genres and decades. He makes audience members feel connected and engaged by providing an experience everyone can share, which truly sets him apart and makes him a unique performer."

 - Lora P.

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